6 Free Crochet Moose Amigurumi Patterns

Did you know that moose are excellent swimmers and they enjoy this activity, and when they are at the land, they can run up to 35 miles per hour, they belong to the deer family and are the most prominent members? They range in color from light brown to very dark brown, and they are much taller than your dad. To honor these magnificent animals, we provided a remarkable collection of 6 free crochet moose amigurumi. Our moose come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and unlike the real ones, they are super cute and very cuddly, also not taller than your dad.

All of the patterns from our list make an excellent home decoration addition, and all of them are pretty simple to make, so even beginner crocheters can master these projects in just a few hours. Also, any of these crochet moose amigurumi would make an awesome gift for the kids of all ages because all of them are super cuddly, soft, and baby-safe! w\Which reminds me, they are pretty impressive for that baby shower gift you have next month. Plus, all these adorable crochet moose comes with a free pattern and a well-written tutorial to help you along the way in your moose amigurumi adventure.

6 Free Crochet Moose Amigurumi Patterns

I must say, you don’t have to make an amigurumi only for kids, these are pretty great gifts for all the adults too, our moose on the number one could be a great housewarming or Christmas gift. On number two, we have adorable Art and Muddy moose, 13 inches tall. These cute animal amigurumi could brighten up any adult’s faces. Mr. Moose is a perfect little addition to your cabin log or your lovely home.

But I don’t want to reveal all the moose secrets at once, scroll down and see for yourself that these amigurumi makes pretty great companions for all the people in the world. So grab some brown yarn (or any other color, moose won’t mind), a matching crochet hook, and some toy stuffing and bring these little cuties to the adventure called life.

1. Crochet Stephen Moose Amigurumi – Free Pattern

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Here we have a perfect addition to any Christmas home decor. Stepan the Moose is such an easy amigurumi to crochet, and he looks so beautiful. This might be an excellent gift for any kid, no matter what age are they. It is a soft and baby-safe toy that works up pretty quickly. google

2. Free Crochet Large Moose Amigurumi Pattern

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Meet Art and Muddy, 13 inches tall mooses with a big warm hearts. These two look so good together, but you can always make just one of them. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind as long as at least one of them finds a warm home in your kid’s bedroom. They are the perfect DIY gift for any kid. amigurumitogo

3. How to Crochet Mr. Moose Amigurumi

Mr. Moose is one cute moose, I must say. This is another great pattern and another great idea for a Christmas gift to any kid, and this little fellow would make an adorable addition to any home decor. It is a simple project that can be mastered in no time and a great pattern to test your skills on. cookquiltmakeand

4. Make Crochet Moose Amigurumi – Free Pattern

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This little moose amigurumi, it is so easy to make that you won’t stop on just one. It is a simple crochet project suitable for beginner crocheters, and this one works up pretty quickly. This moose is created with some thin mercerized yarn and 0.9 mm crochet hook, and besides that, you will also need some fiberfill and a sewing needle. amigurumi today

5. Crochet Bitty Bumble Moose Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Crochet Bitty Bumble Moose Amigurumi - Free Pattern, bitty bumble moose pattern, free moose amigurumi pattern, amazing bitty bumble moose pattern

This little fellow is a perfect toy for any kid, and its also an excellent toy for waiting rooms, airports, and restaurants because he is so tiny and will fit in any bag. Also, this one makes a great newborn toy, so if you have no idea what to prepare for your next baby shower, consider this guy. crochet365knittoo

6. Marty the Moose Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Create Marty the Moose Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern, marty the moose amigurumi pattern, free moose amigurumi, amazing marty the moose crotchet pattern

Marty the Moose is one stylish little fellow, and he likes to wear his super colorful scarf. This might be the last on our amigurumi list, but he surely is not least. This guy works up pretty quickly, which makes him a great for a last-minute handmade gift for any kid, no matter what age are they. lefthandedcro


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