5 Crochet Cow Amigurumi Patterns Free

Did you know that cows are red and green color blind? And that there are over 1 billion cattle in the world. These magnificent animals give us milk and cheese as well, and in some countries in the world, these animals are sacred, like in India. So to honor these interesting animals, we made this remarkable collection of 5 free crochet cow amigurumi patterns. Now you don’t have to spend your important hours searching for that perfect crochet cow pattern, all you have to do is relax, scroll down, and come with us on this cool crochet cow journey.

All these crochet cow patterns are super easy and quick to make, and most of them are beginner-friendly, but most important is that all of them are super cute and unique in their way. If you are looking for an adorable cow amigurumi for your little princess, pattern number two would be perfect for you. This little lady is so cute that any little girl would love this one in her toy collection.

5 Crochet Cow Amigurumi Patterns Free

Or you are looking for something more suitable for the boys, no worries. We got you covered, pattern number one is perfect for the kid of all ages, this soft and baby-safe toy would become your kid new best friend, and, I must say, it is a fantastic sleeping buddy. But also, these crochet cow amigurumi are perfect for decorating your home. Number five and four are so adorable that they would brighten up any living space.

Also, these toys are not just for the kids, any of your adults, still young in their heart, friends would be happy to have one of these beautiful and handmade toys. So don’t wait up, scroll down, find some yarn in any colors desired, a matching crochet hook, a bit of toy stuffing, and let your imagination go wild while creating these adorable crochet cow amigurumi.

1. Crochet Moomoo Cow Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Pretty Crochet Moomoo Cow Amigurumi - Free Pattern,cow superhero,cute cow toy

A normal cow will spend about 8 hours a day eating and will consume about 40 pounds of food in a day but worry not, our cute little friend here will only eat half as much but in return it will give your home all the warmth and love you ever wished for, just a perfect gift this holiday season. craftpassion

2. How to Crochet Cuddle Me Cow Amigurumi

How to Crochet Cuddle Me Cow Amigurumi,fluffy cow toy,perfect cow pattern

Have you ever heard of the term cow is a human`s best friend? Neither have I, but this little fella will most definitely melt the hearts of young ones the first time they see it, and adults are also not immune to its charm, so be careful with this pattern. People may fall in love. Free pattern on the link below. amigurumi today

3. Crochet Cow Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Crochet Cow Amigurumi - Free Pattern,toy cow,cute amigurumi cow, toy pattern

If you think having just one cow toy in your house is well enough to think again because after looking at this tutorial, you will want this cute couple or maybe even more then just a couple you never know. Kids will love it, your family will love it, so no more excuses dive right in this tutorial. graceandyarn

4. Easy Crochet Moo Moo Cow – Free Pattern

Easy Crochet Moo Moo Cow - Free Pattern,tiny cow crotchet,cute cow toy amigurumi

Don’t you think it is time to make the ultimate cow toy for your kids, the one that will blow everyone`s mind? This tutorial shows you how to make just that and more. The free pattern is also included in the link below in case you need extra help with this fantastic and unique amigurumi pattern. randomassortme

5. Lolly Baby Cow Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Make Lolly Baby Cow Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern,cow couple toys,fluffy cow toy,tiny cute cow amigurumi

It`s so fluffy I`m gonna die, this is what style is all about. And also, that`s what the art of amigurumi toys is all about, creating that perfect balance between style. And love every single time, so dive right into this tutorial and treat yourself to this cute fluffy toy. The free pattern is included in the link below. jennyandteddy

Crochet Cow Amigurumi Patterns Free


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