10 Free Crochet Alien Amigurumi Patterns

10 Free Crochet Alien Amigurumi Patterns

Whether you like to work in the round or back and forth, and whether you like to crochet small or big amigurumi toys, the collection below has something for everyone. Just find your favorite alien among these awesome 10 free crochet alien patterns, sit, relax, and enjoy crocheting. And don’t worry if you’re a beginner crocheter, then these amigurumi patterns are pretty simple to make. I’m sure that you can master any one of these in a matter of days anyway if you are one (I am, 🙂 who believes that we are not alone, then these crochet alien patterns are perfect for you.

Pick one pattern or all of them and make a perfect little alien amigurumi as a gift for your friends; there is no better way to show them that these little guys truly exist. These cute amigurumi are perfect for any kid as well, no matter what age are they, these are soft, cuddly, and baby safe toys that make perfect sleeping buddies.

10 Free Crochet Alien Amigurumi Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns:

Here you will find aliens of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and they all come from different planets. Some of them just came here to say hello, but they really liked it here, so they decided to stay and make friends with the children of all ages. But beware these soft amigurumi aliens really want to cuddle, so you will have to treat them well.

Also, these crochet alien toys make a perfect gift for any special occasion whether it’s your next baby shower or kids birthday these handmade gifts are super easy and quick to make, and they all look so beautiful and unique. Besides gift, these little fellows would brighten up any room, which makes them perfect as additions to any home decor. And remember, not all the aliens are green. Some of them are pink, purple, or blue (it’s up to you).

1. Crochet Axelrod the Ami Alien Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Crochet Axelrod the Ami Alien Amigurumi - Free Pattern,friendly alien amigurumi pattern, alien crotchet pattern, free alien toy, amazing alien amigurumi

Don`t you think it is the best time to change how we see alien life, and how they always want to conquer our planet, this little fella is here from a faraway galaxy, and it comes in peace. Also, it came here to be cute and cuddle with you all the time, and I don`t see anything wrong with that. arminas aminals

2. Adorable Crochet Aliens Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Adorable Crochet Aliens Amigurumi - Free Pattern, alien amigurumi pattern, frendly alien crotchet amigurumi,free amigurumi pattern

When it comes to alien life, most of the aliens on our planet just want to be cute and with their families, much like our lovely couple here. This amigurumi alien pattern is super fun to make, and you can definitely master it no matter how many you made before this. Just follow the link below. redheart

3. Easy Crochet Small Alien Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Easy Crochet Small Alien Amigurumi - Free Pattern, small alien amigurumi pattern, free alien crotchet pattern, amigurumi alien toy, free amigurumi pattern

Who said all aliens must be green? This cutie can be any color you like, and it definitely makes the perfect gift for all your sci-fi loving friends or even your kids. But beware, this little guy needs to cuddle every day, so make sure to give him that, or he might turn green. redheart

4. How to Crochet Little Aliens with Button Eyes

How to Crochet Little Aliens with Button Eyes, free alien pattern, purple alien amigurumi pattern, perfect alien gift, alien crotchet pattern, purple, gift, alien

Since we know so little about how aliens look like and where do they come from, why not presume that they have cute little button eyes, and they just like to cuddle every day. Also, this guy definitely didn`t come to conquer the planet. Follow the tutorial and learn how to make this unique amigurumi toy. popsdemilk

5. Pretty Crochet Little Alien Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Pretty Crochet Little Alien Amigurumi - Free Pattern,alien couple pattern, free alien toy crotchet pattern, cute alien pattern, amazing alien amigurumi pattern

Once upon a time, two friends visited our beautiful planet, one had two heads and two eyes, the other had one head with one big eye. Do you know their names? I don`t either all I know they are super cute and super easy to make, all you need to do is follow this well-written tutorial. amigurumi today

6. Easy Crochet Alien Finger Puppet – Free Pattern

Easy Crochet Alien Finger Puppet - Free Pattern, alien finger puppet amigurumi, finger pupet crotchet pattern, free alien finger puppet pattern, free

Are you having troubles putting your kids to sleep, why not make this adorable amigurumi alien finger puppet and let them do all the heavy lifting. I can say from personal experience that my kid falls asleep every time he gets to spend some time with his new alien buddy. Check the link below, free pattern included. madcrochetlab

7. Make Alien Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Make Alien Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern, green alien amigurumi, classic alien pattern design, green alien crotchet pattern, free alien toy pattern

Most the aliens think it`s racist to believe they are all green, there is only one gree colored alien in the universe and you are looking at it. This amigurumi toy pattern will take your imagination to outer space and back, just follow this well-written tutorial, and we have a free pattern for you. bittersweetblog

8. Create Alien Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

Do aliens have pets? We think that this one is really a pet from planet amigurumi five, and it`s just landed here because it misses its owner. Don`t worry, they are harmless and also super easy to make, I also included a free tutorial if you follow the link below. youtube

9. How to Crochet Alien Amigurumi

How to Crochet Alien Amigurumi, free amigurumi alien pattern, great alien gift pattern, amigurumi alien pattern, best, gift

Most people don`t have pets, and most people don’t believe in aliens, so what if I told you that you could have both? This unique amigurumi pattern is super fun to make, and the result will be this cute little alien pet, which you can choose to give out this holiday season or just keep for yourself. freepatternsbyh

10. Crochet One-EyedOne Eyed Little Alien Amigurumi – Free Pattern

Crochet One Eyed Little Alien Amigurumi - Free Pattern, one eyed alien pattern, free alien amigurumi pattern, awsome one-eyed crotchet pattern, great gift

We already know that aliens don`t need to be green, but what about multicolor aliens? Ever thought about that? This little guy just might be the perfect gift you were looking for all year. Just follow this tutorial on the link below and have fun with it. neatlytangled


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